Sunday, June 12, 2011


It's here, officially! I think a healthy lifestyle is a million times easier in the summer. At least where I live. When we lived in Arizona, not so much. Now it's time to walk to church

take day-long family hikes

and fun family bike rides in the evenings. No picture of this because I was, um, riding my bike, but we had a blast last night exploring new parts of the neighborhood. The weather was incredible. Plus, summer is the time of unlimited WATERMELON! (It's a very low-cal food--although I don't recommend eating large quantities of it when you are on a long road trip in the middle of nowhere Wyoming. Food for thought.)

The other night I went out to dinner at an Irish Pub. I spent all day carefully counting and saving my calories, as well as studying their menu and planning what I was going to eat. I also did extra time on the elliptical just to be safe. I chose the Steak Irish Boxty--which is a traditional Irish meal. It's like a pancake with Steak and mushrooms on it. It was super yummy!! I was so proud of myself, though, because although I was plenty hungry, I only ate half and took the rest home. I am usually a finisher. I always finish everything on my plate. I counted it as a huge victory that I didn't! That way I saved major calories and still got to taste some authentic Irish food and not feel guilty. Plus, Ryan got a yummy lunch the next day, too!

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