Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Change is in the air

Well, we have had a lot going on recently. From illness, to remodeling projects, to freezing temperatures to basements flooding...it's been a wild ride these past few weeks. So I'm sorry for the absence of posts.

A few changes may be forthcoming in my lifestyle. I'm seriously debating the whole marathon idea. I hate to quit. I really don't want to give up. But my knees have still not recovered. I don't want to risk my future joint health because of my desire to be able to say I've run 26.2 miles. I'm considering setting my sights a little lower--a triathlon, maybe, definitely a 10K or maybe the Warrior Dash. I hate this. I really want to be able to run. I want to be a runner, an athlete. We shall see...

Also, I'm reconsidering the vegetarian thing. I feel like I've given it a good, fair try--I haven't really eaten meat since the day after Thanksgiving. For the most part it has been a good experience, but I feel like I am really not getting what I need. I can't explain it really--I just feel like my body does not feel right. I also have noticed a major change in my eating habits since I started the vegetarian thing--I am so much more snacky. I never used to be like that. I feel like I am just constantly trying to fill something in my diet that is lacking. Maybe it's meat?? I'm not planning to go hog wild now. I still believe that a mostly vegetarian diet is the most healthy way to eat. So that is what I will do now--mostly vegetarian. And I am still all about cage-free, free range and organic meat.

Anyway--my workout routine has been a bit off since our workout room flooded and I haven't been able to run. I have been doing the elliptical and Pilates. I will be happy when our workout room is functional again!!

Here is what I have eaten today. ..

French Toast made on homemade whole wheat bread with egg whites, vanilla protein powder, almond milk, cinnamon and vanilla with peanut butter, bananas, chia seeds and sugar free syrup on top. Wow. I think I want to have that again tomorrow. It was dang good.

Lunch was quinoa cooked in vegetable broth topped with black beans, tomatoes, corn, spinach, sprouts and pita chips with a little light Ranch as well. It was very filling. Quinoa is the perfect grain you know--it is a complete protein and carb all in one.

Then dinner was what we call "Strogaburgers" made with ground turkey and turkey bacon, fat free cream of mushroom soup and fat free sour cream served on 100 calorie, whole wheat "Thin Buns."

I haven't been doing my set morning and afternoon snacks at all lately--but I seem to want to stuff my face every night after dinner. I need to work on that!


Rochelle said...

I'm sorry your knees aren't cooperating :( But you are right to maintain your overall health rather than risk it for a marathon. I think you're an athlete anyway!

And good for you for listening to your body when it comes to food. I think there is a lot you can do to eat healthfully without being strictly vegetarian. You'll figure it out :)

Becky said...

Those strogaburgers look wonderful! Uh, I know I ask you all the time, but would you mind posting the recipe? Thank you so much!

Rachel said...

I call us Occas-a-tarians here. We occasionally eat meat. When we eat beef though, I swear its like poison, we feel so yucky after.


Becky said...

Opps! I found that you had posted this recipe a long time ago. Sorry about that, and thanks!