Tuesday, March 27, 2012

And the exciting news is...

I have created a website, which will actually be replacing this blog. It is called

A Fit Family

and it will be similar to Eat, Play, Love in that it is focused on ideas, tips, thoughts, recipes etc. etc. to keep the whole family fit!! I am asking all of you to please, please spread the word!! I will be working out the kinks in the next few weeks, but hopefully I will get a button up there soon that you can add to your blogs as well. I'd also love any thoughts, ideas or feedback you have. I feel so strongly about family fitness and I think there isn't really a lot out there about it.

So--change your Google readers, update your blog link, tell your friends and family. It's now

Come on over and visit!! Also, look for me on Facebook soon! Thanks for all your support!

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