Monday, April 18, 2011

Aid for Japan

Yesterday marked the beginning of our week of eating food we already had to help out Japan. We went shopping together on Saturday morning to get the supplies to send overseas. I was disappointed at how NOT far our money went. But we still tried and hopefully the kids got something out of it.
(Is something wrong with my camera? Do these look blurry to you?)

So last night we just ate leftovers and tonight we had stir fry. The brown rice, ground turkey, soy sauce and green onions we already had, so all I had to spend money on was the Napa cabbage.

This morning Lincoln and I took our first bike ride of the season. It was beautiful!! The trees are all in bloom and the scent was heavenly. We did get chased by a dog, but that just made us go faster. Hopefully we can get back into the swing of two or more rides a week now that the weather is getting nicer.

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