Tuesday, April 5, 2011

More gardening

I literally dream about my garden at night...I am obsessed.

I started my potato cages on Friday, and planted the seed potatoes today. We are still trying to get the drip system all hooked up, but then we had a random snow storm on Sunday. Today it is gorgeous, though!

You make 3 ft. diameter chicken wire cages. Obviously I can't measure. One is 3 ft. the other is 1 ft. Oh well.

Fill them with good dirt and line with leaves or hay so the dirt doesn't all fall out.

Cut up your seed potatoes and let them sit out for a few days.

Plant them in the cages. Water. When they start to grow, cover them with more dirt. Keep filling it up with dirt throughout the season. Fingers crossed, at the end of the summer we will open the cages and be able to "watch the potatoes come tumbling out."

Today Lincoln and I also direct seeded our cold weather veggies--carrots and winter squash and started building fences to keep Kirby out of the garden.

And check out our cold weather seedlings!! The peas are huge. And our warm weathers have started sprouting, so things are moving along!! I am going to start hardening off the cold weather seedlings tomorrow to get them ready to plant around April 16th.

p.s. Don't tell Ryan... I broke down and bought myself a new swimsuit today. I am ready for summer!!


Katie Seamons said...

what's the difference between seed potatoes and potatoes that you have had so long they look just like the ones in the picture?? hmm... I wonder what would happen if I planted the ones that I have that are sprouting....

Lucky Mommy said...

Aha! A gardener too! Do you know how to make some homemade trellises for peas to grow on? We're trying our first garden, besides tomatoes, this year!