Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A challenge!!

Or just something to think about.

As a family we were brainstorming ways we could do something to help the people suffering in Japan. The kids' school is collecting supplies that the U.S. Navy is then going to deliver directly to those in need. So we decided to get creative with our food next week. We have been looking through our pantry, food room and freezers for food we already have. Our plan is to eat from our storage and use all the money we are able to save out of the food budget to hopefully make a somewhat substantial donation. (Well, substantial is a relative term, but every little bit helps!)

So I thought I would turn it over to you as well. A challenge to my readers if you will. How many of you are willing to try to eat what you already have and sacrifice a little to help someone in need? It doesn't even have to be the people in Japan. Why don't we all do some good and see what comes of it!!

I'll let you know how it goes--I will do my minimalist grocery shopping on Friday, then we are taking a family trip to Wal-mart on Saturday morning to shop for supplies. Another way to be healthy is to serve others. I swear I heard that on a Kaiser commercial the other day. ;)

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