Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Sam, I am

This week's meals will all focus around green (and pink and blue and purple and orange) eggs and ham...

Because, really, what else am I supposed to do with three dozen hard-boiled eggs and about 5 lbs. of leftover Easter ham?! (Maybe next year we should have someone come over and join us for Easter dinner!)

Last night we had egg salad sandwiches on whole wheat toast with shredded ham. Tonight we had whole wheat calzones with ham and cheddar and light ranch to dip them in.
What other brilliant ideas have I come up with? Crock pot ham, egg and cheese melts...Breakfast burritos...ham and swiss paninis...some sort of ham and stuffing casserole concoction...we shall see. And really, who is up for Easter dinner with us next year??

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Priscilla said...

How are things? You haven't blogged on here for a while...hope you're still eating! ;)