Monday, April 4, 2011

Weekend food

I don't seem to consistently blog over the weekends. C'est la vie. It's probably because A) I am usually super busy and B) I am not as good at making smart eating choices as I should be. Oh well.

Here is some of the stuff I have been eating over the past few days...
My fabulous French Toast. Who would think that just two little slices of bread would keep me sooooo full for so long?! When I eat this, I'm not hungry again until 1 or 2 in the afternoon!!

Turkey wraps made with fat free turkey, tomatoes, spinach cucumbers, hummus and these--
Low carb tortillas! They have only 5 grams of carbs! A slice of bread has 20 grams, so this is a good way to get a low carb lunch.

Sunday night's dinner was fabulous:
Oven poached salmon with cucumber sauce, carrots and brown rice. (I'll have to post the recipe for this one!)

And then tonight's dinner was egg enchiladas--I only ate one. I had an altercation with some Sun Chips today and the Sun Chips won. :( I don't think I ever want to see another Sun Chip as long as I live.
Today's workout was great--I did upper body strength and then ran a mile on the treadmill this morning. Then I also did some speed intervals on the treadmill tonight and I'm planning to do elliptical right now as well. Obviously I'm still feeling sick/fat from my Sun Chip issue this afternoon.

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