Friday, October 15, 2010

Bounteous Harvest

Not ours, unfortunately. Luckily I have generous friends that had MUCH better luck with their gardens than we did. Look at my yummy lunch for today:
All those cucumbers and tomatoes were from a friend's garden and there are TONS more!!
Last night I made Mediterranean Tilapia for dinner. It was supposed to be Halibut, but Tilapia is so much cheaper. I really liked and the kids ate it, so that is a plus.
Workout today was elliptical in the am and lower body in the pm. Plus I have been working hard every day at painting our pergola out back so that's got to be doing something.

I made an appt. to see my doctor this coming Friday to have my thyroid checked. Thyroid problems do run in my family so we will see what comes of it. There has to be some explanation. I am getting really depressed about the way I look, so I hope the doctor can help!!

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