Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Moving rocks

I didn't blog about what I ate yesterday because it wasn't all that fascinating and I was BUSY. Oatmeal, egg, yogurt bowl, banana, some Annie's bunny crackers, protein shake, Vitatop, apple and string cheese. I got up and did my cardio, then I spent a large part of the day working in the backyard shoveling and moving landscaping river rock. I obviously wasn't thinking clearly when I decided to do an upper body workout after that! I am feeling muscles today that I didn't even know existed! It is good, though. I have a lot more work to do in the yard. If anyone wants a good work out, feel free to come help me move an enormous amount of rock!!
Do you see the little spot I cleared out yesterday? I did a bunch more in the backyard, too. Okay, back out to work I go!! (We HAVE to get this project finished before the snow hits!!)

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