Friday, October 1, 2010

Naps and Snacks

Yesterday was pretty darn good, in terms of working out. I was able to do the elliptical in the morning, and then Lincoln and I were back in the saddle for our Thursday bike ride. And I did P90x Cardio Kenpo in the afternoon. I also took another afternoon nap and I'm thinking of making that part of my daily routine. Other cultures do it. I'm just trying to embrace those cultures. Just 30 minutes seems to make a big difference. This morning I woke up spontaneously at 5:45--I haven't done that in months!

I made the kids breakfast parfaits. Here is one of my cute kids holding his.

I had a simple roast beef sandwich and grapes for lunch. More and more I seem to be skipping my morning snack because I am simply not hungry for it.
Afternoon snack was a leisurely Luna bar eaten while I read a great book, Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver. It is right up my alley. The Luna bar was good, although still not that low in sugar (but lower than a lot of protein bars!!)
I made fish packets on the grill with brown rice for dinner. I dug into mine before I remembered to take a picture of it! Oops! Here is my half eaten dinner...
I made Mahi Mahi and Tilapia (because I had both) and decided I definitely prefer Tilapia. Good to know.

Today I went straight down to the gym when I woke up and got in a good lower body work out. I love waking up before my kids. It makes my whole day go a heck of a lot better! We all had oatmeal this morning.

Lunch was leftover fish and rice made into fish tacos.
And here is my afternoon snack:
Ryan had one of these:

They actually have a lot of protein (18 grams), but only 2 grams of sugar and they don't taste like sawdust! I guess we have a winner!

Dinner was homemade pizza with sweet potato crust, reduced fat mozzarella and turkey pepperoni--all shoved into my mouth as I ran out the door to work. Yum!

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can't wait to hear what you think about A,V,M.