Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I'm Back!

Everything normal in my life has been on the backburner lately. The push has been on to finish our pergola before Oct. 31st which is the deadline that the HOA gave us. So last night, after painting for over six and a half hours, I finally finished!! We still need to finish some other big projects, but those are things I can't really do a lot on by myself, so now I will have more time to get back to things like blogging regularly, cooking, cleaning and showering. At least during the week.

Here is the finished pergola. We still have to finish the patio, finish the side yard and paint the front door and shutters...but this has been a HUGE project!! I'm glad it's done.
I have been putting the kids in charge of their own school and home lunches lately and it has been very interesting to see what they choose. I put all of their lunch foods on one shelf in the pantry and they get to just do their own thing. The girls have both been taking baggies of baby spinach to school for their snack! And the other day this is the lunch Chloe made for herself:
Apple, spinach, cucumber and banana.

And here is this morning's breakfast--whole wheat french toast with sweet potato puree and chia seeds.
It's so good to be back.


Spec said...

AWESOME JOB on the backyard!

perfectlycrazy said...

Your back yard is beautiful! Wow! Did you design it yourself?

Molly would survive entirely on fruits and veges if I let her. But I'm a mean mom and I make her eat other stuff too. :)