Saturday, December 4, 2010

Family fun and bliss

Yesterday was a great family fitness day! The weather has been really nice so we all took advantage. I took each of the kids running with me in the morning. We just went around the block--but we live in a hilly area so the girls found it somewhat challenging and kept wanting to rest. I just kept telling them, "You were born to run! You are made to do this! No stopping! You can rest when we get home!" Hee, hee. So by the time I did that 3 1/2 times (Lincoln didn't make it all the way around the block) I had run 3/4 of a mile. And I spent a little alone time with each of the kids!

In the afternoon we decided to go for a bike ride. I ran alongside Audrey to help her out. It was an interesting training experience--run really fast, then stop suddenly, then go slow, then really fast, then really slow. Very unpredictable. But she wants to go riding again today--hopefully she will get good enough soon that it won't be that crazy to run with her. By the time we got all the way home from that, I had run about 4 more miles.

I ate really well up until the end of the day. I had some friends over to celebrate our dear friend's birthday and I bought gourmet cupcakes from Bliss for everyone. I have never tried these, even though I have bought plenty of them for other people. I haven't wanted to taste them because I was afraid I would become addicted. Finally around 10 pm I caved and ate one. WOW. It certainly was blissful. Oh well, at least I ran 4 3/4 miles yesterday and did an upper body workout first thing in the morning!

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