Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Sundays are always rest days. It is nice to take that time to let myself recover--especially from my "long" run on Saturday. We had a smorgasbord of leftovers for lunch and then I just couldn't get that Risotto out of my head, so I made it again for dinner on Sunday! Which meant I got to have it for lunch yesterday, too! I am excited for Thursday when I have a butternut squash Risotto planned...

So yesterday I did just a 1.5 mile run barefoot on the treadmill. I am planning to run with Becca tonight. My plan is to start following an actual training plan in January. So this is just my pre-training time, which I am kind of making up as I go. I know that I should run longer on some days and shorter on others and I try to have one long run a week. It's not very scientific, but I just want to get myself conditioned for when I start following the schedule in 2011.

In terms of working out I also did upper body.

I've been thinking that the kids are trying to tell me something with the abundance of leftovers we have had lately. I have this week's recipes planned and shopped for, but I think next week I am going to try to make things that are more recognizable to the kids and just make them vegetarian. Last night I did pizza which they ate. (I added Turkey Pepperoni to Ryan's section)
I guess my kids need to be introduced to the vegetarian lifestyle a bit more gradually. But so far I am loving it! And last night I also ordered three kid-friendly vegetarian cookbooks, so hopefully that will help, too.

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