Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Quick recap

I'm behind...again. My computer wouldn't upload pictures yesterday, so that threw me for a loop. So here is a quick run-down of some of what has been going on.

Sunday dinner...
Pasta with broccoli and peanut sauce--good, recipe will come.

Monday dinner--made ground turkey enchiladas for the family (so they don't feel too deprived) and a lentil version for myself.
And dinner tonight included...
I know I swore I wouldn't go the tofu route, but I just decided to try, try again. And you couldn't even taste it AT ALL in this creamy pasta sauce. So that's definitely a good thing!
I made a lot of food--we had dinner guests. And I made that French Bread, too! Go, me!

Tonight I ran about 4 miles with Becca. My knees are really feeling that long run from Saturday. I wonder if my body will eventually just get used to that or what. I also did a lower body workout when I got home. And look what I get to come home to...
My sweet little guy, snuggled right up to the elliptical! :)

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