Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I got a new laptop!!

Merry Christmas to me! I am blogging from the mountain tops of Park City, Utah thanks to my new laptop. It has been cold, snowy, full of fun and family and WAY TOO MUCH FOOD! Oh well (cue music)-- "it's Christmastime in Park City." I have been doing 45 minutes of Pilates every day and strength training with free weights. Ryan and I have been running which was awesome because I rocked it. Even though we are at a higher elevation here and my knees still hurt and it is downright freezing--I rocked it!!! I am sure my new running tights and running jacket had something to do with it.
So here are a few pictures that I never got up here before we left...

This is the delish recipe I mentioned...grilled Polenta with a veggie sauce. Wowza. The basic recipe is at home, but I will get it up when we return.
That is the Polenta.
Linky with a breakfast I concoted on the fly--baked apples with quinoa and oats. Tasty stuff.

Some of my new books I ordered...

I hope you all had a fabulous holiday! We will be back in a while, but I might get some more blogging in. We are planning on snowshoeing in the next few days--I can't wait!

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