Saturday, December 18, 2010


I do believe we have friends for a reason. I think about this often. Like every time I go running with Becca. I love running with her because:
a) If she wasn't with me I wouldn't be able to run outside most of the time (we usually go before or after dark.)
b) If she wasn't with me I wouldn't go nearly as far and I would walk a lot more than I do.
c) Every time we run it is at least an hour of one on one conversation with another adult!! Which is like...
d) Free therapy!!

Thanks, Becca!

And then Priscilla, my inspiration for this whole marathon training made a comment on my post from yesterday that was very helpful. Obviously I am pushing myself way too hard, way too fast. Running is not supposed to hurt. If I take it more slowly, my body will get used to it. So, despite my feelings of complete loser-ness when I report that I only ran 4.8 miles this morning, I'm just going to have to go a bit slower for a while and build up gradually. And I iced my knees after our run...
Thanks, Priscilla!

Luckily I have 9+ months to get ready for this marathon!!

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