Sunday, June 13, 2010

Cereal Sunday

Sundays are hard for us! Hard to keep on our eating schedule and hard not to overeat and eat the wrong things. So we usually save Sundays for our "free day" where pretty much anything goes. Just once a week, though!! We have learned from sad, personal experience, however, that it is never a good idea to go too hog wild on your free day. You will always pay in the end!!!

For the kids, Sunday is the one day of the week they get to have cereal. Hence the name "Cereal Sunday." There are a few reasons I don't do cereal. For one thing I think it is pretty expensive, considering my kids could easily go through a box per day if I let them. Also--there is no protein to fill them up, so they end up begging me for food about 20 minutes after eating it! Lastly, I like having a lot more control over what they are eating and if I make it, I know exactly what is in it. So I let them have it once a week but I still get healthier organic types of cereal. And only skim milk.

Because of our busy schedule on Sundays, we typically have one big meal in the afternoon. Today we did roasted chicken and potatoes with whole wheat bread twists. A little heavy on the carbs, but it is a free day!

Today there was finally a break in the rain and we went on a family bike ride after our lunch/dinner. It felt good to burn off some of those calories--I know I ate too many bread twists! Even though they aren't bad for you, they aren't good either if you eat your body weight in them!

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