Monday, June 21, 2010

Is there a 12-step program for this?

Hello, my name is Lindsay and I'm a stress eater.

Here is my day so far...
Take son # 1 to summer class. Wait in line with all 4 kids for 30 minutes to register.
Drive to grocery store with younger 3. Park car and realize I left my wallet at home.
Drive home, get wallet, go back to store.
Shop for an hour with three kids without strangling any of them.
Pick up girls' friends for a playdate.
Come home, start to unload groceries. Hear the horrible sound of shattering glass and realize that son # 2 has closed the garage door on the open tailgate.
Clean up glass for an hour.
Finish unloading groceries--losing some eggs along the way.
Go pick up son # 1 from class.
Wait in the hot parking lot for 15 minutes because daughter # 2 refuses to put on seat belt.
Get home, make lunch for 6 kids.
See this and can't help myself...
I'll console myself that it is heart healthy dark chocolate and almonds. But still, not exactly part of my eating plan. And I'm working tonight so I won't have any time to burn off extra calories. Sometimes, for some inexplicable reason, chocolate just takes the edge off. Hopefully the day will get better!

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