Monday, November 1, 2010

Oompa, oompa, oompadee do

Hope you all had a rockin' Halloween!!

So I am starting to feel a little better today. I still have a cough and lots of pressure in my chest, but today I didn't sleep all day long, so that is a good sign. I decided to attempt some Pilates and had to get to my inhaler after 20 minutes--so cardio is still not a good option, but at least I did something.

Last night we had delicious Tortilla Soup for dinner. I should get up and go get the recipe so I can type it out for you...but that might just be a bit too much cardio for me... I will someday, I promise.
I bought sprouts at Sprouts last week and have been enjoying them often. I forgot how much better they make a sandwich taste!
In an effort to get healthy I bought herbal tea today. I have never liked the stuff but I wanted to do something. I still don't like it. It tastes like hot water. What is the point? I did add local honey to hopefully boost my immunity as well. Even though it was gross, I had it for both my morning and afternoon snack today.
This morning with a Vitatop and this afternoon with a granola bar.
Dinner tonight was yummy! Although it looked weird, so the kids weren't interested. They were supposed to be lettuce wraps, but I just served the topping over a green salad blend.
I have spent a good portion of today turning these
into this
and this

and this.

And that is not all. No, that is not all.

Yay! A year supply of pumpkin puree!! When my kids start looking like this

you will know why!

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