Friday, March 18, 2011

Being proactive

I realize this blog has been a bit of a downer lately. It is hard to stay positive when it seems like everything is working against you. From knee and foot problems, to house problems to major illness, it's been a ride.

And then I really do believe in keeping it real. I'm not fishing for compliments when I lament about my unexplained weight gain on here. I appreciate your comments, but the facts are pretty depressing. I have gained 30 lbs. in the past year. And it keeps going up. My BMI is now officially overweight. Despite working out an average of 90 minutes a day. Despite the fact that I eat better than most people I know. It is depressing.

So, I am trying to be proactive and maybe that will help me stay positive. First of all--this new diet I started. I have been reluctant to actually name it on here because it seems like such a fad diet and I am totally opposed to such an idea. I believe in long term solutions--not "quick fixes." As a personal trainer I always thought it was ludicrous for people to sign up for one session. COMPLETELY POINTLESS!!!

The more I researched this eating style, the more I saw the value in it. Plus I know a few people that have had great success with it. So, here I introduce...

The South Beach Diet. I think it would seem a lot more legit if it had a different name. I mean, really. What a stupid name.

So I'm over a week into it...with absolutely NO POSITIVE RESULTS. And I haven't cheated once. At least on purpose. I did accidentally taste a lick or two of the frosting for the cupcakes the other day. But that's it in a week and a half. And still, nothing.

That leads me to my proactive decision numero dos...

I set up an appointment with an Endocrinologist yesterday. I went to the doctor about six months ago for this exact issue with my weight and left very, very, very discouraged. She tested my thyroid and all came back normal so I was basically without answers and told to join weight watchers. Like a slap in the face.

So I finally called and made an appointment with a specialist. They can't see me until May, but at least I got an appt. and got the ball rolling. There has to be something wrong, right? It just doesn't make sense.

And, for the record, I can't stand medical receptionists. Guess what, lady with a job answering a phone in the doctor's office, you. did. not. go. to. medical. school. In fact, I can almost guarantee that I am more highly educated than you. I am not an idiot. So don't tell me something lame like, "We normally wouldn't see someone for something like that, but..." What is that even supposed to mean? I am the one paying (or at least my insurance is.) Shouldn't I be allowed to see the doctor if I want to? She finally set me up when I told her I needed a second opinion. Apparently second opinions are legitimate reasons for seeing a doctor, but unexplained weight gain is not.

Okay, enough for my negativity. I will think positive thoughts and get this figured out...

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Katie Seamons said...

So I didn't want to list this on your other blog because maybe everybody doesn't know you struggle with your unexplained weight gain... but Suzanne Summers also said that she always ate healthily (sp?) but she never lost the weight until she figured out that she had an egg allergy. She lost 10 pounds almost instantly. Maybe if you don't figure it out with the endocrinologist you could see an allergist. I agree though, with what you eat and more importantly don't eat, you should have a Body Fat % of about 1%! Something must be wrong.