Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Woke up. 20 minutes on elliptical.

Finished grout on countertops.

Made breakfast for kids--baked apples.
Took shower.

Made my breakfast--scrambled eggs with mushrooms, topped with a tomato.
Took kids to Chick Fil'A for free breakfast. (Yes, that would be their second breakfast. But it was free.)
Ran home, made cupcakes.
Cleaned basement. Cleaned kids' rooms. Made lunch. Fed kids. Leftovers!
Went to park for a playdate.

Ran home. Gave kids snack.

Took Isaac to class.

Ran home. Frosted cupcakes.

Picked Isaac up from class.

Ran home. Started dinner. Hawaiian haystacks.
Took kids to a program at library.

Ran home. Threw my dinner together. Protein shake, celery and cucumbers and hummus.
Picked up other kids. Went to soccer practice.

Ran home. Cleaned whole kitchen.

15 more minutes on elliptical.

Made bread dough for breakfast in the morning.

Updating this blog. Need to update other. Need to finish cinnamon rolls, and make rolls for dinner for a friend tomorrow. Need to fold laundry. Need to make picnic lunch for hike tomorrow. Need to sleep...


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