Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Veggin' out

I talked (in a texting sort of a way) to my running buddy Becca today. We are tentatively planning on attempting an easy run this Saturday. I will have my inhaler in my pocket and a portable oxygen tank on my back and we will hope for the best. (Okay, I'm just kidding about the oxygen...) I am really excited to get back into things.

I am Lindsay. It has been 28 days since my last run.

Breakfast this morning had an ethnic flair. I cooked black beans with salsa and had them with two (cage free organic) eggs. The kids had Swedish pancakes.
Our activity for the morning was starting our indoor cold weather vegetable seedlings! Let's just hope my winter reading and study project pays off!
So, this is probably not news to any of you, but unless you live in my region, you shouldn't start planting willy nilly just because I did. I really spent a lot of time researching the right dates to start this process--I have all kinds of things mapped out on the calendar. But the planting times/dates are all very region-specific. So even if you live in a different part of Colorado, it might not be time for you to start. See you probably already knew this, but there is a reason that I got the book for DUMMIES, because it is all new to me! Hopefully all my research and preparation will yield us an abundant harvest this year!!
Today onions, two kinds of lettuce and peas! We have much, much more planned...all in good time.

Well, back to food that we actually ate. It was supposed to be a beautiful day, so I packed up a huge picnic and packed up seven kids (three extras today) and went to the park. We lasted all of ten minutes--it was so cold!! But my lunch was still so good!
Celery with natural peanut butter to dip, cucumbers and tomatoes with roasted garlic hummus, a light string cheese and a hard boiled egg.

Our dinner menu had spaghetti and meatballs planned for tonight. The rest of the family had their (turkey) meatballs on whole wheat spaghetti, but since I am off carbs I did...
green beans and meatballs! It was delish!!

I'm thinking I will try some Pilates tonight--I should be able to handle that without having an asthma attack. And if I do start to die, Ryan is close by! ;)

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