Sunday, March 20, 2011

Roller coaster ridingl

Yesterday was a roller coaster. I was woken up early by my sick little boy throwing up in bed. That was a low. So I went grocery shopping at 6 am. That was a high (I always love to have fresh food!!) After breakfast--
Egg frames for the kids and
Same old, same old for me (with fresh basil and Canadian bacon)--

I went running for the first time in weeks!!! That was a definite high! I felt so good. I have no idea how far we went, but it was wonderful. I have missed it.

I had a
Protein shake with a familiar hint of green in it (Yay, spinach!!) after my run. Then off to the soccer fields for Isaac's first game of the season.

Picnic lunches are difficult on this new diet, but the first part of the diet will be over soon. Celery, cucumbers, hummus and peanut butter. Again.
The roller coaster ride took a dip at this point when we drove all over Denver running errands. Blah. By the time we finally got home snack time was long past and I was grumpy and feeling like I hadn't accomplished anything all day. I hate that feeling. I had a protein bar to tide me over and started to clean the house. Because I think that is all I ever do.

Dinner was turkey burgers. I had mine on a grilled Portabella mushroom instead of a bun.
And then the real low came. I was making chocolate chip cookies for a function I am having at my house today and this is how they came out of the oven:
It shouldn't seem like that big of a deal, right? Just by that point in my downward spiral I had had ENOUGH. So I ate some of those flat cookies and just went to bed.

It was the first time I have had sugar or flour or chocolate in 12 days. Major fail, I know. But I guess it doesn't matter since I haven't lost any weight anyway.

All I can do now is forgive myself and move on! :)

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