Friday, March 11, 2011

Lizard food

This avoiding carbs thing has proved somewhat challenging. Well, I just need to get creative is all. Especially at breakfast. I am such a baked goods lover. This morning I made a concoction of black beans, tomatoes, onions, mushrooms, turkey bacon, an egg and a little cheese. I really felt like I was eating a breakfast from a third world country. Except in a bigger portion size. As unappetizing as it looked (with a tiny helping of turkey sausage gravy on the side)...
it tasted really good. I took the kids to the zoo today and we noticed that the lizard was eating his lunch. Isaac turned to me and said, "Mom, that looks just like your breakfast." Yes, yes it does.
Morning snack was a chocolate peanut butter shake chugged and dribbled down the front of my shirt at the zoo. Lunch was a huge salad with more rotisserie chicken prepared last night and packed in to the zoo.
Afternoon snack:

These are really good. I want another one. Now.
Things went downhill at that point. Not entirely my fault--I got so busy with soccer practice and other such things that I didn't get to eat dinner until 7:23. I was STARVING!!! I inhaled my salmon and roasted broccoli.
Then I had some almonds. And now I might have to have a hardboiled egg. Cause I am still hungry. And I am trying my hardest to not cheat even though I know there is Rocky Road Ice Cream in the freezer...

Oh-- I'm still having breathing issues so no working out. Unless you count pushing a packed double stroller through the zoo for approximately 6 hours. Yes, I am going to count that.

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