Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Side Effects

I took allergy medicine before going to bed last night and it knocked me out! I think I finally woke up (if you could call it that) around 7:00 and even then I could hardly piece two words together to make a sentence. So the kids got cereal for breakfast even though it wasn't a Sunday.

I did the elliptical while they ate and started to come back into reality as the morning progressed. Of course, my allergy symptoms came back, too.

I took the kids to Open Gym at the rec center this morning. I love this and they do too! It is great exercise for them. It is especially valuable in the winter when it is hard to be outside. I had a Weight Loss Shake on the way for my snack. We are out of Greek yogurt (boo) and I am still going strong on my non-shopping week! We came home and the kids had grilled cheese. I grilled up my turkey and cheese as well. And we used up the last of the bread. Never fear, I will figure something out!

I got in a strength training session this afternoon and then we had an early dinner of toasted tuna and cheese, squash (the gift that keeps on giving), green beans fresh from the garden and canned peaches. One of the girls had the audacity to say that she liked the canned peaches better than the ones we got from Ryan's co-worker!!!! Why have I been wasting them on her, then?!

Now the girls are off at gymnastics and Isaac and Ryan are off at soccer--more exercise for all! Lincoln is asleep. I don't know what has been up with him lately but the last few days he has been REALLY cranky! After dealing with him all day, I was glad to put him to bed and come downstairs to this:

A huge fruity protein shake in a bowl with cereal and a Vitatop. The only thing that could have made it any better was some of Rochelle's homemade hot fudge (I can't stop thinking about it) and maybe a few Valium (it's been a long one.)

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Rochelle said...

Wanna split a Valium? We could chase it down with some hot fudge :)

It's been one of those days...sigh.