Saturday, September 4, 2010

Saturday and Sunday

**I started this post yesterday, Saturday, and I'm just now finishing it...

I took three of the kids on an early morning bike ride before breakfast this morning. Audrey took a nasty spill on her bike at the beginning of the summer and we have yet to coax her back onto it. Ryan and her stayed home and made "egg frames" for breakfast. I ran on the treadmill while they ate. Family bike riding, while great exercise for the kids, has pretty much no cardiovascular benefit for me whatsoever. But it is fun!

We are leaving on vacation in just over a week and I decided to try an experiment--I'm not going shopping this week so we can use up what we have before we leave. So I probably won't be following any of the plans I listed on the sidebar. I will just have to get creative. I hope to make it to Thursday night without shopping. We will see how it goes!

**Now for what I am writing now...
I worked a full day yesterday, going in just after my protein shake at 2:30 and staying until 9:30. I had planned on sub sandwiches for dinner, so that worked well for everyone. I brought Sun Chips along with mine, because there is nothing worse than not having enough food at work--there is NOTHING you can do about it!

Ryan's looks a lot better than mine did...

And now on to Sunday--FREE DAY! I slept in this morning and didn't eat until I got home from church--by then I was famished!! We had grilled Tilapia with brown rice, squash, salad and grilled bread. I ate A LOT. I might have a protein shake later tonight, but that will probably be it for today.
Have a great Labor Day! I'm working tomorrow morning as well, but I look forward to a relaxing afternoon. And then--my kids are out of school for the next three weeks!! So hopefully the stress won't cause me to fall back on my Diet Coke addiction!

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