Thursday, September 9, 2010


Oy, this track off may be the death of me yet. While my kids are out of school I feel compelled to provide them with fun, memorable experiences. After all, this is pretty much like a summer vacation for them. However, I feel like I provide them with these experiences at the expense of things that are important to me. I guess that is the dilemma of motherhood.

I did get in 30 minutes on the elliptical this morning. I know, I am totally in a rut, but again, we go back to the fact that my kids are out of school and suddenly my options are severely limited. Thursday is normally my bike riding day, but Audrey won't ride and I seriously doubt any of them could take on the hill of death anyway.
(No, that's not it, but it might as well be.)

I made the kids pineapple broils and yogurt for breakfast. (Well, no, I didn't actually make the yogurt. But I have made my own yogurt before. It involves a heating pad. I'll have to try it again sometime.) Pineapple broils are toasted English Muffins topped with low-fat cottage cheese, crushed pineapple and a sprinkle of cinnamon. Then you broil them.

After breakfast we went out on a little outing and then ran some errands. Snack was a WL shake for me again, and these for the kids. They love them.

Lunch was PB&J on Sandwich thins. I use that Smart Balance peanut butter and spreadable fruit. I also had low-fat cottage cheese for extra protein. It's been a while since I've had PB&J, and I have to say, it is really good.

Now here is where I had to sacrifice. My mom is coming again tonight. If you aren't keeping track, this is the third time in a month--she really loves me. Anyway, I had to clean the house instead of work out. What I should have done was clean the house this morning instead of taking the kids to a farm, but I am SUPERMOM. Hopefully I will get a chance to work out at some point tonight, in between taking kids to and from math class, piano lessons and scouts, going grocery shopping, returning library books, highlighting my hair (I'm going to try to do it myself...wish me luck!) and making dinner. Maybe I will try to do P90x while waiting for my highlights to set.



Breakfast burritos made with egg whites and ham chunks on whole wheat tortillas. I put peach salsa that I got at the farmer's market on mine and it tasted weird. Oh well. Now I'm off to save the world...


Fobo said...

It's hard to find a set time to exercise when you're a mom! Katie Seammons referred me to your blog. I am trying to go sugar free and she thought it would be helpful. It really has been! Thank you so much. I am grateful for your honest posts when you go a little off track. It's encouraging to know that even personal trainers are not perfect!

travelingmom said...

wow! I haven't been on this blog since you started it, but I'm in complete amazement. I'm trying to figure out when you prepare the food? I'm totally inspired! :)