Friday, September 3, 2010

Spinach, anyone?

The weather has been incredible the last few days--I just want to be out in it!!

Yesterday I got in an elliptical work out while the kids ate breakfast. Unfortunately that meant I missed my opportunity to take a picture of what they were eating. I made some yummy cinnamon raisin nut bread with yellow squash puree. It was too yummy. I really just need to stop making bread.

Lincoln and I took a bike ride around noon. Yes, it was that nice outside!! I don't know if someone switched the gears on my bike or what, but I really struggled up the big hill. Or maybe I should just blame it on the "cold" weather!

I had the same breakfast, morning snack, lunch and afternoon snack as I did the day before. I get stuck, what can I say? Dinner was Grilled Tuscan Style Chicken and whole wheat garlic toast. It was pretty good. We also had squash and peaches and cantaloupe. Even with the cooler weather, we are eating our summer faves.
I served the chicken with a small bowl of fresh basil on the table. Chloe grabbed the bowl and started unloading it onto her plate. I asked her what she was doing and she said, "I love spinach!!" I said, "That's not spinach, but you can have some if you want." So she filled herself up with raw spinach last night. So did Audrey! That seems like a success, albeit a very strange one.

I am going to work tonight, so I know I won't have time to blog today. I made the kids some "Plum Crumble" for breakfast. I had a bunch of plums that weren't getting eaten and I remembered this recipe I had. I had to modify it a bunch--it was actually meant to be a dessert, but the kids LOVED it and by the time I was through with it, it wasn't all that bad for them!
My day has been typical so far--elliptical in the morning, same old for all my meals, leftovers for lunch and an afternoon strength session. For dinner we are having Egg-cellent Enchiladas--really just breakfast burritos on corn tortillas with avocado slices. It's another busy, busy night at our house!


Kayla said...

hey -- i love raw spinach too! yeah!

okay, i have to tell you though, that i made those egg breakfast burritos the other night and we all thought they were disgusting. have you made them before? i saw the recipe and thought it sounded good, but then they were gross! i think it was the corn tortilla. If it had been flour it would have been better. i don't know, but none of us liked them! let me know what you guys think.

Lindsay said...

Kayla, we make them all the time and we love them! I LOVE corn tortillas, though, and you can't go wrong with avocado in my opinion.