Monday, January 10, 2011

Day 8, Week 2 and a MIRACLE!

Today was just 1.5 miles. Thank goodness we have a treadmill! It was a high of like 10 degrees today and very snowy. Running is such a good thing for my mental health. I was such a grouch after dealing with the kids and dog through the witching hour--I didn't even want to run. But I made myself go down there and now those endorphins have kicked in and I am MUCH better. Yes, working out is my drug of choice. That and Xanax. :)

And--wonder of wonder, miracle of miracles. The kids ate and LIKED dinner tonight!! I spent a good hour and a half last night planning out meals and menus for the next seven or so weeks (posted on left sidebar.) I tried to do things that were vegetarian (except I planned one meat meal a week) and healthy and kid friendly. Seriously, I might just have to publish a cookbook. You guys would all buy it, right?

Tonight we had...Pineapple Enchiladas! Sounds weird, but they are easy, good and most importantly--my kids even asked for seconds.

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Katie Seamons said...

I fear that we all like meat too much in this house to go vegetarian... but more power to you!! I have a feeling that many vegetarians would buy it though! Glad you found something that worked. And, I'm proud of you for still running after getting slushed. I would have said screw it and headed back home! lol