Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I'm back

Sorry I have been kind of MIA lately. My house feels the same way--neglected. I have been gone pretty much all of the last few days helping out a friend. But I have still been eating and working out--so I'll do in a mini-recap in pictures.

This one just makes me smile--it is Lincoln playing the Wii. He really gets into it.

A few nights ago I made quesadillas with carmelized onions for dinner. Take tons of sweet grilled onions...Add whole wheat tortillas, cheese, black beans and cilantro...

Top with fat free sour cream or plain Greek yogurt for added protein...Yum! I think salsa would have made it taste even better.

Here is what I have been eating a lot of lately. I shall name it "Rice Bowl." Brown rice, black beans, corn, cilantro, a touch of light Ranch and pita chips (not shown.)
But I didn't have any rice made yesterday and I didn't want to take the time to make it, so this is what I had instead...
A grilled portabello mushroom burger on whole wheat toast with sprouts, tomatoes and light ranch. Also a very tasty vegetarian lunch option.

Oh, and despite the fact that this...
is a typical breakfast for me, I think I am coming down with something. I have been abnormally tired and achy the past few days. Hopefully it won't get any worse.

In terms of working out, I have to admit I have been taking it easy--mainly because my knees are still killing me. I did my "long" run yesterday of 3.5 miles, but I think I probably scared anyone who saw me run by. My knees hurt so badly I think I looked like Big Bird trying to sprint or something.

By the time it was over I was seriously questioning this whole marathon thing. But maybe my knees hurting is just a symptom of this illness I'm fighting off. I went back and read some of "Born to Run" to motivate me. If it wasn't so cold and I didn't care about keeping all of my toes, I would seriously consider just going barefoot on my long runs outside. Maybe by the time the summer comes...

So my plan of action is to take it easy for the next two days--no running at all actually. Then Becca and I are going to do 5 miles on Friday. Hopefully.

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