Sunday, January 9, 2011


Okay, I have given it over a month and tonight I snapped. I am SO SICK of making dinner every night only to have my kids scoff at it and say they hate it. I'm done. I personally enjoy making new and interesting dishes, but obviously my kids can't handle it. I am going to have to give my vegetarian ways some sort of an overhaul--maybe I will just stick to altering recipes that are more kid friendly. I don't know. I just know I'm SICK of it.

So, no more potato and vegetable curry around here.

Maybe I should write my own cookbook. I certainly haven't come across any that are healthy and vegetarian and include recipes that my kids will actually look at.

It's times like this that I really wish I kept chocolate in the house.

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Heidi said...

Sorry, Lindsay! I haven't been reading this blog as much, so today I've just be browsing through it... and I totally agree with you on the lack of healthy/vegetarian recipes that kids enjoy. I've gone mostly vegetarian in the past year because, apparently, I tend to have high cholesterol (who knew?) But, anyway, it's been a huge stuggle to get my kids to jump onboard my vegetarian train. So, we've done two things. One, I make something over and over and over again and make them try it every time just to make sure that they hate it! But, most of the time, they decide they like it. You know, after the zillionth try. And, two, Jaysen now insists that I have some kind of viable option for the children who are ALWAYS STARVING. (We really do have one kid who cannot eat enough. Oh, to have that problem!) So, with him he has to eat all veggies and fruits on the table before he gets something else. Anyway, you should check out a blog I follow called the Smitten Kitchen. She does alot of vegetarian things. I use it mostly for ideas. And one more thing: In my diet overall, I've added more fiber, nearly all whole grains, and have only small amounts of sugar. After doing this while continuing my usual exercise plan, I've been able to lose all the baby weight from Erin plus more. I weigh pre-Zach now and I attribute it to this new way of eating. I hope this helps. It's awesome that you're training for a marathon. I hope your knees hold up, however, and that you're able to enjoy the process! Me: a 5K will do it. Maybe a 10K in the future. We'll see. I hate pushing jogging strollers so it may be a few years!