Thursday, January 13, 2011

Winter hazards, part deux

Why won't my kids just go to bed?! Ryan is off at meetings and I'm going crazy which is leading me to do things I shouldn't like eat cereal straight out of the box. Cereal because it is the only thing remotely sweet in my house. If we had chocolate that is what I would be eating.

Today I just ran a mile, due to time constraints and the fact that according to my schedule, today is technically supposed to be a rest day. Probably a good thing because it was ICY out there. I walked onto my driveway to start my run and ended up flat on my face before I even knew what happened. I didn't get hurt and as far as I could tell, no one actually witnessed my ungraceful moment.

I came home from my run and did a lower body workout. I like to watch t.v. while I work out, but today the two little boys (mine and Becca's) weren't making that possible, so instead I started teaching them all of the names of the muscles and explaining the different exercises I was doing. I see training in Lincoln's future. After he helped me count out every set he would say "Now put more on (weight) and do it again!" All day long he has been pointing to different muscle groups and asking "What's that called again?"

Tonight's dinner got 4 out of 4 stars. Meaning that all four of the kids actually ate it!!! But who can resist homemade mac and cheese (with whole wheat noodles, reduced fat cheese and pumpkin puree???) I mean, really.

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