Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Who needs Juicy Juice?!

Lincoln is getting to that lovely age when he doesn't want to nap anymore. So instead of doing my upper body work out right now like I want to be, I will blog. Good thing I quit my job so I will have plenty of time to work out and run tonight.

So besides my lovely little new laptop I got some fun things for Christmas. My mom got me a juicer. (Prompted by my fascination with the movie, "The Gerson Miracle.")

Oh, the excitement this appliance has been causing around my house! Our first concoction was an apple/carrot/tangelo blend. We have gotten a bit more daring--adding celery and blueberries and bananas. The kids can't wait to come home from school today to get their after-school snack of homemade juice! Today Lincoln and I made them carrot/banana/apple/peach/pineapple/blueberry/strawberry/tangelo...I think that is all. After you make the juice, you end up with the dry pulp, which we have been mixing into our garden beds (we need to get a composter!) Today I also tried putting the pulp in the dehydrator to see if we can make fruit leather. I feel so domestic.
Here are the kids watching Ryan make our second batch of juice. They are like this every time we make it!

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Katie Seamons said...

maybe I will try making juice with my Jack Lalane juicer I got for our wedding that is still in the box.... I may have just been inspired!