Friday, July 9, 2010

Cheap and Easy

No, I'm not talking about myself.

Dinner tonight was cheap and easy. Let's face it, feeding a family of six is expensive enough in this day and age, but when you start trying to feed them well, it can just get downright pricey. Especially when we are trying to get a source of lean protein six times a day (times six people--that is 36 servings of protein a day!!) I try to plan at least 2 cheaper meals a week to balance it all out--usually using eggs or tuna or turkey bacon as my source of protein. So tonight we had:

Turkey Bacon Melts
courtesy of Bill Phillips, Eating for Life

Toast English muffins. Top each with a few slices of turkey bacon, a nice, thick slice of tomato and a slice of reduced fat cheese. Put under the broiler until cheese is melted. Enjoy.


It has also come to my attention that some people read this blog and feel bad about the things they are feeding their family. That is hardly my intention! If anything I hope to be inspiring and show just how easy it is to make a few substitutions and additions to create healthier foods. You can do it! I know I go overboard a lot of the time, but once again, this is something I feel very passionate about and it is important to me. This is also something I have been doing for years, so it is very natural to me. Please don't feel discouraged! Baby steps...

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