Wednesday, July 21, 2010

What a ride!

This morning I decided to take Lincoln for a bike ride. He loves it. It burns calories for me and it models good, healthy behavior to him. I asked my friend Amy for some bike trail suggestions.

Never take advice about a potential bike trail from someone who has only walked that trail. There is a big difference.

After I made it up the first massive hill, I was really wishing for my own "Mike."

We got caught in the neighborhood sprinklers four times. Then we got stuck in the mud and I had to push the bike out. The funny thing about having mud on your bike tires is that the faster you ride, the more the mud flies off your tires and all over you. It was hitting me in the face. It was all over my legs.

Forty five minutes later we made it home. We were hot, sweaty and covered in mud, but we had a blast! However, next time I might just scout out my own bike trail...

Just teasing, Amy!

One thing it got me thinking about--the importance of cross-training! I do cardio every single day and that hill still had me winded. I really need to mix it up more often!

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Chad and Amy said...

it's not my fault you didn't stick to the trail I told you to! :) Once you make it up the big hill the rest of the way should be down hill and no mud puddles.
I'm going to do that ride tomorrow after I drop my boys off at school. Except I'm going to go the right way unlike some people. :)