Sunday, July 25, 2010

Nature's Bounty

Last week we had another easy meal of Beef Subs with one exciting addition:

Our first homegrown tomato of the year (that a bird didn't get to first.)

On Friday morning I made Cream of Wheat for breakfast. I added vanilla protein powder, Splenda, cinnamon and almond extract, along with some chopped almonds for the top. Yummy!!

Yesterday morning the kids and I finished up our weekly grocery shopping at the local farmer's market. We came back with quite the feast of yummy treats! Isaac asked if we could go every week. I wish that was a possibility, but unfortunately it is just too expensive! I like to go occasionally and I love the idea of supporting local farmers, but my budget doesn't allow it on a weekly basis. Half of the problem is my inability to take a free sample and then not buy it. I'm fine with the samples at Sam's but for some reason I feel obligated to buy at the farmer's market. Hence the jars of whipped cinnamon honey, homemade peanut butter and peach salsa we ended up with! Oh well. Check out our loot!


Kris Coplan said...

Can I just say Lindsay girl you are amazing. I would like some recipes if you don't mind. Taco Pasta Salad, Big Beef Subs, and Chicken Caesar Wraps.
Keep up the inspiration!
Love Aunt Kris

Heidi said...

You know, I always laugh when I read articles on saving money on groceries and they say to buy your produce at a farmer's market. Have they ever been to a farmer's market? They're not cheaper, not by a long shot. Fresher than the store, maybe, but not cheaper. (although I think Sprouts is pretty darn fresh)