Sunday, July 18, 2010


Having three kids in school all day has presented some interesting challenges in terms of food. Like we are going through juice boxes at an incredible rate! I always pack their lunches. I always have. From what I have seen and read about most school lunch programs, sending a home lunch is the only option. I don't get how the government claims to be so concerned with the childhood obesity epidemic but then allows the schools to feed them crap and cut physical activity to a bare minimum. No wonder they are all fat! Okay, off my soapbox...

I want to give my kids a variety healthy things to eat, but I need some semblance of convenience as well. On Friday I picked up a box of "Oatmeal-to-go Bars" and was going to give them a try. They sound healthy, right?

The second ingredient, right after oatmeal, was high fructose corn syrup. Might as well just give the kids a Snickers bar. So back on the shelf they went and I got these Clif Kids Z Bars instead. They are all organic, whole grain and sweetened with things like cane juice. Of course they are twice as expensive as the Oatmeal-to-go bars. My mantra is "Pay now for good food or pay later for health care."

We have also recently made the switch to organic milk. I've heard a lot about the hormones they put into milk (or do they put them into the cows?) and how they are linked to early onset puberty and other issues. With twin girls in the family I would like to put off puberty and the ensuing raging hormones and violent mood swings as long as possible. :) AND it tastes a lot better! The kids now spend all day begging me to drink more milk and Chloe said while drinking it, "I like milk when it comes from real cows!"

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Rachel said...

Good choice, those Quaker to go things are gross anyway.

I homeschool my kids so I am always in charge of lunch. For contrast, I take them to the summer lunch program at our local elementary school for two weeks. The kids have decided school lunch is inedible.