Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Ugly Truth

I have been awful lately! Just horrible. It's time to come clean...

I ate 3 donuts yesterday! I am out of control!!! The problem is I am still sick, dragging, achy--we are back to the comfort food issue. And normally I wouldn't even consider buying trans-fat laden, artery-clogging donuts full of empty calories, but now Isaac is sick too and I was at the store early yesterday morning to stock up on DVD's for him to watch and something came over me. It's okay--the donuts are now out of the house and today is a new day. Today I will be perfect.

So...breakfast this morning was oatmeal sweetened with a tiny bit of brown sugar, cinnamon, vanilla, sweet potato and skim milk and about 12 almonds for protein. I'm going to post everything I eat today to keep me honest. :)

I HATE being sick!!! At least I was able to do Pilates last night.

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Reb said...

Seriously, when you do you puree everything like the sweet potatoe? Do you do it a week in advance or the night of?