Monday, July 12, 2010

I'm behind...

Saturday night we had breakfast burritos topped with my new favorite obsession. These days I just can't get enough Avocado! I made them with some eggs and some egg whites, hash browns, green puree, ham chunks and reduced fat cheddar, served on a whole wheat tortilla.

This morning for breakfast I made the kids parfaits. They love these--especially when I make them in tall see-thru glasses. Just layer fat-free cottage cheese (excellent source of lean protein!!), low-fat yogurt, granola and different fruits (I used pineapple and bananas today.)

My breakfast was something I like to call "Cottage Yogurt." Can you guess how to make it? Mix a portion of yogurt with a portion of cottage cheese and call it good!

And lunch was to die for. Between this avocado fetish I have going on and my other obsession with grilled caramelized onions....I tell you what!
I slathered a whole wheat pita with smashed avocado and fat free sour cream. I topped that with baby spinach leaves and fresh cilantro. Then added grilled chicken and my yummy onions. I want another one!!

How to:
Caramelize onions (in case you don't know)
Saute onion slices in olive oil over medium-low heat with 1 tsp. sugar. Cover with lid until tender.

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