Sunday, August 15, 2010

Another Sunday

Time flies when you are having fun! I can't believe it's Sunday again already. Ah, free day!

I ended up falling asleep in my clothes at 7:00 pm last night and I slept until 7:00 am this morning! So I didn't end up working out any more yesterday. Obviously my body needed sleep more than exercise, and who am I to argue with my body? I got up this morning and did some Yoga before things got too crazy.

The kids had cereal and I had oatmeal with berries and almond milk and a hard boiled egg. I am trying to incorporate these foods into my daily diet because of the "This is why you're fat" book. And they fit in nicely with our "Body for Life" style of eating as well (1 serving carbs, 1 serving protein.) I will quote for you...

"Eggs...are such a great fat burning food. They supply a nutrient called lecithin, which breaks down fat in the body...Eating eggs also curbs your appetite. You'll feel full a lot one of the healthy carbs and is less likely to be deposited as body fat than many other carb sources. It digests slowly, which means that your body gets a steady stream--rather than a tide--of energy as carbohydrates gradually flow into your bloodstream...Oatmeal also keeps insulin levels low and steady to prevent weight gain. Additionally, it's a whole grain, which means it's full of soluble fiber--the good stuff that carries fat out of your body. Oatmeal also contains the energizing--and stress-lowering--B vitamin family, which helps transform carbs into usable energy." (This is Why You're Fat, Jackie Warner. Pg. 58-59)
Gosh, maybe I should just start eating oatmeal for every meal.

My snack was string cheese and crackers eaten at church. Lunch was chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy (I didn't have any of those), salad and fruit.

I got to have a yogurt bowl for my afternoon snack (it's been too long) and then a smoothie for dinner! And, only because it is my free day, I had some cereal and almonds for an evening snack.

Day 2 of NO DC!! Who is proud of me? I have been focusing on drinking a lot more water, too.

Back in the saddle tomorrow! My bike is fixed, so Lincoln and I get to do our bike ride in the morning! Yee haw!

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