Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Stressful day, but I made it.

I eat so many of the same things from day to day. Then I get bored and find a new rut to get stuck in! Anyway...

Breakfast: Yogurt bowl with strawberry Greek yogurt, oatmeal squares, chopped almonds and blueberries (Read: same as yesterday.)

Snack: Small light Activia yogurt (Key Lime Pie flavor) and one light string cheese

Lunch: (I was hungry going into this probably because 1 string cheese isn't really a big enough protein serving in the morning snack, but oh well.) Turkey sandwich (a la yesterday), a yummy peach, a few Sun Chips (Lincoln didn't finish his and I can't stand wasting food!) I finished it off with one square (i.e. 1/4th of a serving) of a Goodness Knows snack. Just enough chocolate!

Things got really crazy at this point in the day as we were helping some friends move.

Snack: Weight Loss Shake

Dinner: We grabbed some pizza for the kids and those helping with the move and inevitably I ate a few of the kids' pizza crusts--I really can't throw those away. Who doesn't like pizza crust?! Then things really started getting crazy...STRESS, STRESS, STRESS!!!!!!! Six kids running wild through my house. One of them naked. Fighting. Screaming. Tears. I am a stress eater! So I may have eaten more than just a crust...maybe a bit of the cheese, too. :( I had grilled myself a chicken breast with the intent of having a nice healthy chicken burrito, but I ended up just eating it alongside the pizza crusts/piece (those are counting as my carbs.) Random dinner. Way overdone, too. It is hard to pay attention to cooking your chicken when you are trying to avoid strangling certain offspring. Oh, and one more 1/4th of a Goodness Knows Snack, because goodness knows I NEED CHOCOLATE after afternoons like this one!

Work out: Today I really tried to mix it up, so I did an hour long bike ride in the morning. I need to figure out the mileage on that. The trail we like starts with a nice long hill, then coasts down to a park. Previously I have just continued on home from there, but today I decided to push myself and went back up the hill when Lincoln was done playing at the park. We didn't go up the entire thing, but that is a goal of mine for the future. Then this afternoon I did Winsor Pilates--the Maximum Burn Advanced Series Super Sculpting and Body Slimming. With a name like that, I'd better see some results! It was an hour long and it felt really good. Plus, I was helping my friends move--carrying boxes, running up and down stairs, chasing kids--it all counts, right?!

Right now I'm thinking I need to go meditate or do some Yoga. Or maybe just listen to some Enya. I'm sure tomorrow will be less stressful. My mom is coming to visit...

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