Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Two year old Tuesday

I take care of three two-year-olds every Tuesday. And this is just what it looks like, too.

I know you are jealous.

One is my own, two are borrowed. It is actually kinda fun. Anyway, it does make my Tuesdays interesting!

I definitely have to get a head start every Tuesday morning, so I got up early (not as early as some of my kids who were up around 5:15) and did the elliptical. I made Golden Pancakes for the kids (scroll down for the recipe.) They liked them--all except for Audrey, but she doesn't like anything I make. She still ate them. I had the usual oatmeal and egg. It really fills me up!

My morning snack was a yogurt bowl and for lunch I had leftover spaghetti and meatballs and a pluot. I think a pluot is a mix between a plum and an apricot. Who has the job of breeding fruit, I would like to know? It was pretty good.
Look at my heart-shaped bite!

I just did the Pilates leg work out this afternoon. I find it to be pretty easy and I like that you spend the entire work out laying on the floor. It is definitely my cop-out work out. But just remember--two year old Tuesday,thank you very much. Besides, I really had stuff I needed to get done, so there you have it. My afternoon snack was a chocolate peanut butter banana protein shake with a Vitatop.

My afternoon got a little rough and by the time Ryan got home I was ready to leave forever, so instead I decided to mow the lawn. We have a push mower, so it was a nice work out to end the day and relieve the stress. There is nothing like working out when you want to kill someone. Nothing at all.

Dinner was eaten half-way through the lawn care--just an egg sandwich (aka Egg McMuffin, but made at home). We use whole grain English muffins, reduced fat pepper jack cheese and our cage free eggs. And once again, that cantaloupe was TO DIE for!

Now I'm off to take a nice long shower and RELAX! It is so nice to be able to do that after the last few days I have had!!

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