Friday, August 6, 2010

Mixing it up!

I've been doing pretty well this week at my attempts to mix it up. Yup, I'm pretty darn proud of myself.

This morning I got up and did the Winsor Pilates Leg workout.
And that is exactly what I look like doing it, too.

Breakfast for the kids was mini-muffins (because for some reason everything is more appealing when it's small), yogurt and cantaloupe.

I had...a yogurt bowl, and I loved every minute of it! My snack was once again on the go--a weight loss shake as I ran out the door.

Lunch was leftover turkey bacon quiche with avocado, because everything tastes better with avocado.

After lunch I did my first P90X work out. I've heard a lot about this from different people and my brother gave me a copy so I thought I'd give it a try. I did the Kenpo X workout--which was pretty much like an hour long cardio kick boxing class with some yoga thrown in at the beginning. I liked it! It wasn't complex, it wasn't cheesy and it was a good work out. I'm excited to try more. And that is saying a lot because I am NOT a big work out video fan.

Afternoon snack=YUMMMMM!! I did a berry Smoothie in a bowl (vanilla yogurt, vanilla protein powder, milk, and berries galore) and I added a Chocolate Vitatop on the top. Oh, it was heavenly!!

These Vitatops are very cool. Look at what it says right on the box!
So I burnt off my snack just picking the kids up from school!

And check this out!

Not too shabby! I got them at Costco. I just might have to get a membership there.

Dinner was Tex Mex burritos. Mine looks enormous, but it was really just piled high with lettuce on the inside.

I had one square of this after dinner for my little dessert.

Oh, and you should all be enormously proud of me. My mom is here and she is quite the baker. Look at what I have successfully resisted!


*Lindsey* said...

One of my friends tried the p90x video and she lost 30lbs. She said it was the best thing she's ever tried.

Kayla said...

i keep thinking about p90x, but dont' want to invest in it. probably cause then i'd have to commit to it.... :) good luck, i've heard it's intense and wonderful at the same time.