Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A pineapple day

The kids were up before the alarm again this morning. Grrr... I told them that this is MY time and they are welcome to be awake in their rooms, but I needed to work out.

I then ran on the treadmill, doing intervals for 20 minutes.

Breakfast was oatmeal for all today. The kids had theirs with added green puree, cinnamon and some Splenda (although my plan is to switch to Truvia once I'm out of Splenda.) I had mine like I do every day--frozen blueberries, chopped almonds and unsweetened almond milk. While I was getting breakfast ready I kept getting a sniff of the pineapple I had sitting on the counter, so I had to have that along with my oatmeal and egg. And judging from the past few pictures of the HB eggs I've had for breakfast, I am completely inept when it comes to peeling eggs.

Morning snack was a yogurt bowl. The Greek yogurt I have may be high in sugar, but it is also the "fruit on the bottom" kind, so it occurred to me today (after I ate it) that if I didn't include the fruit on the bottom, it would probably have a lot less sugar. I'll have to try that tomorrow.

Lunch was leftovers from last night--chicken pita pizzas and salad.

I did Yoga X from P90X after lunch. One thing about P90X is that it tells you in the bottom corner of the screen how long the work out is. When I started the Yoga I noticed that it was over an hour and a half!! I don't ever have a block of time that long available to work out. I ended up doing most of it--I love Yoga and it was a good work out, but by the end I thought I was going to pull my hair out if I had to do another vinyasa. Finally I just had to stop because I had other stuff to do--but I did 1 hour and 15 minutes.

This is hard.

Snack was a berry smoothie with a Vitatop. I'm running low on Vitatops--any locals going to Costco soon that can pick me up some?

Dinner will soon be turkey burgers on whole wheat buns with grilled pineapple and grilled peaches on the side. Yes, we should have eaten by now, but we had issues. Like me trying to grill by myself while Ryan got new tires put on the Expedition and then running out of propane just after I put all the raw meat on the grill. So fun.

And in a few minutes I'm off to teach a class at church about nutrition. One of the hazards of having a public blog. Hopefully I get to eat before I leave.


Rochelle said...

I put blackout curtains up in the boys' room last night after they were asleep. They slept for almost 90 minutes longer than they have been! Parker was not very happy, but I was elated!

Sorry I missed last night...hope it went well. The painting got the best of me and I couldn't make it out the door in time.

Reb said...

p90X yoga, intense and crazy. And entirely too long. I know how you feel.