Sunday, August 8, 2010

That's how they do it in Europe.

I got up early this morning and went walking with my mom. I love when it is light enough in the morning to be outside! We went fast for 45 minutes. Then I got home and did 20 minutes of Yoga.

Breakfast for me was Cream of Wheat with added vanilla protein powder, chopped almonds, cinnamon and almond extract. (The kids had cereal on this Cereal Sunday.)

I ate my snack at church. I get a few looks when I bust out my protein bar, but I do try to be discreet. I have to stick to my schedule! These things are yummy--I feel like I'm eating a candy bar!

Lunch was one of my favorites!! We had Italian Style Turkey Burgers. I will definitely post the recipe soon! The kids wanted to eat outside--but I only lasted about 2 minutes in the blazing hot sun before coming back in and enjoying my meal in peace and quiet.

Then I had a beloved yogurt bowl for my snack and I am about to have a smoothie in a bowl for dinner. We always have our main meal of the day at lunch time on Sundays. Right now the kids are eating hard boiled eggs and watermelon smoothies for their dinner. I guess you could say we do it European style on the weekends.


Rochelle said...

I hate it when I have to eat at church because I always imagine people think I'm pregnant (ha!), especially when it's Fast Sunday. I was only staring at you while you ate your protein bar because a) we were talking, and b) it looked really good!

The Bowler Five said...

This may be a random question...but I was wondering what you send your children for lunch. I have always sent lunches with mine and am looking for some ideas to break it up a bit. I do enjoy getting some good ideas from you. Thanks