Thursday, August 12, 2010

Bad habits are easily formed...maybe it's the oppressive heat.

The kids started off the morning with leftover brown rice pudding and...peaches!

I started off at 5:45 am with the elliptical, then had a yogurt bowl at 8:15.

Morning snack was a peach and a light string cheese. And then, another peach. I can't let them go bad!

Lunch was a grilled chicken salad with some Sun Chips.

I then did an upper body strength work out. Luckily it all went well, which is more than I can say for this unfortunate lady.

Snack was a berry smoothie with a Vitatop.

Dinner was American Turkey Stroganoff. And I had a bowl of cereal afterwards. It's becoming a habit. NO MORE as of tomorrow!! Now I'm going to repent and do some Pilates.

I was looking through my pantry and fridge today and found some interesting things. These common foods that most of us probably have all have High Fructose Corn Syrup...

So when I went on my weekly trip to Sprouts today I found some High Fructose Corn Syrup-free replacements. I asked Heidi for some more info and she recommended a book for me to read. It just got into the library today, so hopefully I will have time to pick it up tomorrow and become more educated on the subject of the dangers of HFCS.

Another random thought--it is so hot is making me really cranky. I feel like I am the only one suffering, too. The rest of the family seems perfectly content and I am dying. I actually drove to pick up the kids from school yesterday because the thought of standing out in that oppressive sun was just more than I could bear. And then I got a flat tire, so you can see how well that turned out. Right now I am ROASTING. I am starting to wonder if something is wrong with me. Why am I the only one who is so hot? Anyway, hot, cranky and full of cereal. Not good. I'm going to bed.

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