Friday, August 27, 2010


Breakfast for the girls was eaten al fresco this morning. Brown rice pudding sweetened with agave nectar, sweet potato puree, yellow squash puree, cinnamon and fresh organic milk. I got in an elliptical work out first thing and then had to hurry to get ready and get the kids to school.

While the kids were at school, my parents and I took Lincoln to a fun farm/museum. We stopped at Marie Callendar's for lunch on the way home. I probably got a few weird looks when I took out my camera and snapped a picture of what I ordered. It was good--I got a turkey club sandwich but asked for sourdough bread instead of a croissant, and also got no mayo and no bacon.
I took only a few bites of the coleslaw.

I did a great total body strength work out while Lincoln took his afternoon nap. One of the things I love about my parents is that they don't think twice about me working out multiple times in one day while they are visiting. They know it has to be a priority--they are the same way. My mom bikes over 90 miles a week herself! Anyway, they are good visitors!

We made our famous grilled chicken pizzas for dinner. And I made a few extra crust rounds to have with honey for dessert. I am such a sucker for good, fresh bread!

And then I caved and had a cookie from Paradise. :( Just did 30 extra minutes on the elliptical, so hopefully that counteracted it a little!!


keri said...

How do you make your famous grilled chicken pizzas?

Lindsay said...

Keri, there is a step by step tutorial--check under the recipes category. Super yummy!!