Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I didn't take any food pictures today! What kind of a blogger am I?

Cardio this morning was elliptical. And I was NOT in the mood. But I still did it.

The kids had blueberry pancakes with green puree. I had the same as always (oatmeal and egg), but I had it late (like 9:15 am) so I was all off schedule today.

I spent all morning volunteering at the school, then I had to run errands in preparation for a busy weekend, so I finally ate again around 1:00. I had a leftover turkey burger, grilled pineapple and a grilled peach half. I also had one square of a Goodness Knows snack.

I am SORE from yesterday! That Yoga, my goodness! My obliques and quads are killing me! Anyway, I did a pretty good strength work out after lunch, but unfortunately, Lincoln wouldn't take his nap so I had to cut it short. I am constantly battling my desire to work out vs. my kids' desire to be awake when they shouldn't be.

My snack was quite the internal debate for me--yogurt bowl or smoothie? I couldn't decide! Since I didn't get my morning snack I was feeling deprived. I ended up going with the smoothie to make sure I got a good serving of berries and spinach in.

Dinner was breakfast burritos with whole wheat tortillas. I used mostly egg whites for the insides and of course added green puree. I wasn't hungry, however. It was a busy night and by the time I got done helping with homework and projects, supervising piano practice and shuttling kids to after-school activities, I decided that I didn't want breakfast burritos and I had my beloved yogurt bowl after all. And this time I left out the "fruit on the bottom" and just added blueberries. Yum.

Another busy day ahead tomorrow, and the next day, and the next and even the next. I will try to be consistent with my blogging, but I am making no promises!
Great advice, huh? That person obviously doesn't have kids.

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