Monday, August 9, 2010


I hate feeling "stuffed." "Full" is bad, "starving" can get dangerous, but "stuffed" is downright AWFUL! I prefer "satisfied"; I embrace "vaguely hungry." Right now I am stuffed and not happy about it. The good news is I am stuffed on water. I have been so hot lately--I keep drinking water and now I feel like a big sloshy mess.

Today was pretty good. I got up early and did 30 minutes on the elliptical. I'm glad I did--my plans to go bike riding on Mondays and Thursdays were thwarted by a flat tire, so at least I got my cardio in early.

We all had muesli for breakfast--I added vanilla protein powder to mine. I made the kids watermelon smoothies again. Our fridge in the garage keeps freezing everything, including the watermelon I put in there, so I just chopped it up and blended it. It was a hit!

My snack was a WL shake; I drank it in the movie theater instead of a $5 Diet Coke. Lunch was delicious leftovers--I still need to post the recipe for those Italian Turkey Burgers--a juicy, ripe peach and 1 Goodness Knows square. While Lincoln was down for his nap I hit the gym and did upper body strength. Afternoon snack was a yogurt bowl (but frozen greek yogurt is really weird--I need to figure out what is up with that fridge!) For dinner we had egg salad sandwiches. I made bread and toasted it, then just put the egg salad on top with lettuce and avocado. We liked it. The kids didn't. Oh well. And wow, that cantaloupe was to DIE for. Now if only I hadn't consumed so much water...

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